About Us

We believe in pursuing our passion for gaming and esports… What about you?

Gamerforce Ventures is one of the first venture capital firms that is set up specifically to create high-value companies in the Esports and Gaming scene. Our partners are successful entrepreneurs and high flying executives coming from diverse backgrounds to help our portfolio companies succeed. We typically invest between seed and Series A, but may come in at later stages should the opportunity arises.

We believe that entrepreneurs will be the ones who will revolutionize the scene completely. Because of that, we have brought together the best minds in entrepreneurship to assist entrepreneurs go to the next level, by leveraging on our network of the partners that we have built over the years.

We believe in assisting entrepreneurs in every way we can. As such, if you think you need a round of funding, do hit us up at pitch@gamerforce.ventures.

We have also identified with the Esports and Gaming scene because of both the current demographics and trends shifting towards that. With large prize pools and audience reach, we believe that many top brands will be shifting towards that for growth. In order to hit on this growing wave, we are now raising our first fund, Gamerforce Venture Capital Fund I. As such, if you would like to join us in this new revolution, please contact us at lp_relations@gamerforce.ventures and we would be more than happy to assist you in coming on board this revolution.

Our Story

What if life is a game? And what if you’re the main character in that game?

I smell so much blood caused by the established players, stifling innovation. But the heroes, the saviors of tomorrow will rise today. With lofty aspirations, they set out their path to victory. Along the way, these heroes met up with their sherpas, finally able to breathe a sigh of relief and a breath of fresh air as they get from us their first big break. Along the way, we walked with them down this unchartered path, figuring things out along the way as the smell of blood continues to thicken with the establishment throwing out more putrid decaying bodies of startups that have failed before them. We mourned for a bit, but realized the challenges that lie ahead. The trials will only get tougher. We braced ourselves together as we gathered our forces and boosted our morale as we bring on more supporters for both them (fellow investors) and ourselves along the way (through LPs). Sometimes, we said to each other “instead of seeing the establishment as the enemy, why not turn them into our friends?”. We made deals with some of the members in the Establishment Council, allowing us to propel forward before the competition. We are still building the rocket to the end so that we can come back to bring others to the next stage. The air starts to feel thinner but smell fresher, but we know our story is just in its first chapter.

What is life if not to be a bit of a game? We chose to take the biggest calculated risks for the greatest potential rewards. What about you?

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Disclaimer: Gamerforce Ventures Pte Ltd holds a Capital Markets Services license “CMS101232” issued by the Monetary Authority of Singapore for Venture Capital Fund Manager. As a VCFM CMS holder, Gamerforce Ventures is not subject to the conduct of business requirements and financial requirements that are applicable to a holder of a capital markets services licence for fund management under the Securities and Futures (Licensing and Conduct of Business) Regulations (Rg 10) and the Securities and Futures (Financial and Margin Requirements for Holders of Capital Markets Services Licenses) Regulations (Rg 13) respectively. 

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