Creating Value to the Ecosystem – Why We Decided to Raise a Community Fund

Fundraising is part and parcel of the job of a VC. It’s something that one can’t run away from. One can imagine the sophistication and finesse needed to raise capital for a startup. Multiply that by a thousand to a million times, that is what is needed for a GP to raise a venture fund. That is also been amplified by the fact that many LPs wanted to see some track record before they make any investment.

Recently, we have spoken to a number of individual LPs that have expressed interest in co-investing with us. Also, we realized a need for us to be able to move fast in the market. Over the past couple of months, we have been pained by the constraint of capital for Gamerforce Ventures Global Fund I, which caused us to have to ask founders to give us time – not a good position to be in.

With the time needed for fundraising for Gamerforce Ventures Global Fund I, we felt that the timing was still key to get access to the best deals to help the best founders we see out there succeed. As such, on the proposal of a couple of friends, we decided to launch a pico-fund (<US$2m), a vehicle by the name of Gamerforce Ventures Community Fund I (the “Community Fund“).

Don’t get me wrong, the fundraising efforts for Gamerforce Ventures Global Fund I will continue along the way. However, the Community Fund will give early angels a special taste of what it is like to be invested in a fund. It also gives future investors a good sensing about our track record and growth progress.

Whether part or whole of the Community Fund will be absorbed by Gamerforce Ventures Global Fund I is still a question up for debate. However, LPs can now see a translucent pool of investments that we have made in the Community Fund to give them more confidence.

Participation in the Community Fund is for select investors only. Please feel free to reach out to the partnership at if you would like to have a chat about our Community Fund.

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