Bountie Holdings is a gaming technology company based in Singapore. We’re empowering gamers in Asia to make a living while playing their favorite games through our platform, Bountie.

Bountie is a decentralized platform that aims to reward all participants in the gaming ecosystem in a fair and equitable manner for their gaming efforts and skills. This extends not only to gamers themselves, but also to game referees, content creators, and shoutcasters. Bountie’s tournament platform will enable retail gamers to monetize their skills early and compete fairly in an industry that is facing issues with hacking, boosting and smurfing; and will prevent aspiring gamers from failing to take off due to the high barriers of entry in official tournaments.

In addition, by aggregating gamers’ profiles on the blockchain, Bountie aims to build a “LinkedIn for Gamers” where strong relations can be formed, and which may facilitate the career progression for amateur gamers looking to turn professional.

Started: 2019

Founder: Lex Na

Co-investors: Angel Investors

Partnered: 2021

Gamerforce Lead Partner: Lance Quek

Partnering Fund: Gamerforce Ventures Archangel Fund I

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