Goama is a gaming platform built for businesses. The company has combined the best of esports and the best of casual games to create a casual esports gaming platform where players compete on casual games, ranked on live leaderboards, to win real-world prizes.

Its turnkey solution transforms any app into a gaming powerhouse within 14 days to drive engagement. monetization and acquisition. The result is a compelling user experience with more than 15 minutes time spent per session and increased transactions on other verticals within the app’s ecosystem as well as a social community built on the foundation of competitive gaming.

With such an engaged base of users on our partners’ apps, the company has created a new channel of experiential marketing for brands to connect at an emotional level with consumers with custom games that resonate with their story and image. The result is a win-win for brands and our partner apps, who in turn benefit from the ability to further monetize their user base as an audience.

Today, the company is present in over 18 countries with the leading super apps in key verticals of fintech, delivery, media, and entertainment. Our user base is north of 2.5million and growing, driving more than 21 million gameplays every month. It is backed by SOSV and Axiata Digital with a versatile team of 35 passionate and talented individuals operating across 9 countries in Asia and Latin America.

Started: 2018

Founders: Taro Araya & Wayne Richard Kennedy

Co-investors: Ludus Venture Studio, Angels

Partnered: 2021

Gamerforce Lead Partner: Lance Quek

Partnering Fund: Gamerforce Ventures Community Fund I

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